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Title: 5 weeks in and very slow signs of recovery...
Post by: Cara on 07 October, 2016, 11:47:08 am
I was diagnosed with BP five and a half weeks ago following a 5 day spell with Earache. My GP identified BP quickly even though the paralysis hadn't happened. I went to A&E for a scan to rule out a stroke. Had Acyclovir and Predisnolone for 7 days and was told to rest, and that I would start to recover in a couple of weeks. There is hardly any change so far and I am starting to despair. The right side of my face is still paralysed, and my eye won't close. there is some evidence of movement when I close my good eye, but it is very slight.

So far, I am not at work, am resting when I can, between maintaining a household for myself and my teenage daughter, and attending weekly acupuncture sessions. Very hard to know if the acupuncture is making any difference. I am making fresh fruit and veg juice every day, and am generally fit & healthy. Any other suggestions or experiences welcomed!