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30 April, 2017, 03:42:50 pm
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 on: Today at 03:36:58 pm 
Started by lucylee123 - Last post by lucylee123
Wondering if anyone has had experience with post BP hemifacial spasm?

I was fully paralyzed on the left side of my face for 5 weeks and thankfully recovered fully in weeks 6-7.   Now, 3 months later my eyebrow on the affected side started twitching after I rubbed it.  It's been a pretty intense, almost constant twitch.  I realize this is a very small problem in the scheme of things, but it's causing me a huge amount of anxiety. It feels as if the entire area around my eye twitching even though it's not.   And for some extra added craziness, I also suddenly have some extra "feeling" in my left nostril.

Has anyone else had this sort of steady twitching happen?  Did it eventually go away?

I think I've become a full fledged hypochondriac post BP. Eek!

 on: 28 April, 2017, 05:41:09 am 
Started by erealpixie - Last post by timmyb
Hi erealpixie,

Your BP progress, timelines etc sound kind of similar to my situation...

Can I ask how did your smile recover so far? In terms of big smile, small smile and eye closure?



 on: 28 April, 2017, 05:39:42 am 
Started by marcelo - Last post by timmyb
Hi Marcelo,

I'd be interested to also hear how you're doing?


 on: 28 April, 2017, 05:37:51 am 
Started by DM - Last post by timmyb
Hi again DM.
Thats really encouraging to read about your improvement with Crystal Touch.
I've just recently been in touch with them via email and have submitted photos for assessment. I'll definitely plan to fly over there as soon as an appointment opens up. Can I ask you how many sessions you have had with them?


 on: 27 April, 2017, 04:32:58 pm 
Started by karasr - Last post by karasr
Hi:  I am 78 and have Diabetes.  I am in my 11th month of BP with no recovery.  I am told that facial paralysis and outside ear involvement is not the 'normal' format for BP and something else might be involved.  Does anyone have any info on this.  I heard this from a facial reconstruction specialist who seems to know more about BP than any other DR. I have talked with.  13 other Dr's!  No one here in Northern New Jersey USA seems to have much knowledge of BP--other than be patient, it will go away.

 on: 25 April, 2017, 01:28:41 am 
Started by erealpixie - Last post by erealpixie
Has any of you tried 500mg of Acetyl L Carnitine.  After 17 years of BP I had some big improvements from taking this orally.  It began working almost immediately (within a week).  I had pains for a few weeks which I realised after they had disipated, that they were healing of the damaged nerves.  Once the pains were gone I was left with a wider less lopsided smile, a more open eye, less tightening of my face. I am able to manage better in the cold and windy weather and I dont dread going out in the winter months as much.   Obviously the winter months make BP worse and flare ups are more common.  I ensure that I am taking good quality Multivitamins & Minerals and on opt of that a top up of Bcomplex.  Not forgetting Magnesium for the constant heady pain you get from the condition. I also have some lysine pills in my cupboard for when I am feeling really low. I also top up my supplements up with a separate D3 pill (but only in the winter months).

I hope this advice helps.

That is really great news! I am so happy for you that you are seeing healing that far along. I will look into your suggestions, thank you!

 on: 25 April, 2017, 01:27:27 am 
Started by erealpixie - Last post by erealpixie
Thank you everyone for your comments Smiley It is really helpful to hear what others have experienced with their healing that is close to mine. I am now 10months in and haven't really experienced any new improvements. I noticed whenever I eat certain foods etc my face feels tighter and my eye squinty-er on my bells side and if I try to raise my eyebrows (the bells side still doesn't work) my cheek on my bells side goes up, I am assuming some sort of synkenesis Sad Luckily I have great support from my husband which makes dealing with this a lot easier. Best wishes on healing to all of you  Kiss

 on: 24 April, 2017, 05:47:15 am 
Started by Pirate Jenny - Last post by kmw
Hi! I'm 5 months in and started PT 2 weeks ago and can now almost fully smile. Yeah! My eye doctor recommended for me to use the nighttime ointment 4 times a day and keep my eye covered with the adhesive eye patch. My eye had been drying out so much before that he was really worried. Within a week (I saw him again) much improvement. I can't tape my eye shut, the tape causing my skin and eye to inflame and swell. Walgreens is the only place I can find adhesive eye patches (20 for $7.79) but my eye doc gave me free samples and there from www.myipatches.com. They are excellent. Smooth fit over the eye and comfortable. They say there for children but they fit perfect for an adult. Don't our eyes stay the same size? PT is what I can say is the reason for me seeing any improvement and I'm waiting for my insurance to approve more visits. It has given me hope and taught me so much about facial muscles. I pray for everyone to discover something that gives them hope in the time spent waiting to recover, it can feel like a lifetime. I'm suppose to be job hunting for the first time in 18 years...interviewing, interacting with people, talking positive about myself...is all a HUGE challenge. Very intimidating this Bell's Palsy is.

 on: 22 April, 2017, 09:52:42 pm 
Started by kelloggertcs - Last post by kelloggertcs
I was diagnosed 3 days ago with Bell's Palsy.  I've had two acupuncture sessions since and am already seeing great recovery of facial muscle functions.  Has anyone else tried this, and what have been your results?

 on: 22 April, 2017, 09:49:11 pm 
Started by Ebrotus - Last post by kelloggertcs
I find this very interesting.  I was at the dentist March 3 and then diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on April 19.  I got a shot in the gums for my dental cleaning in March, and it sent a shock all the way down to the tip of my tongue.  Very weird sensation.  Two days before my facial paralysis developed this week,  my tongue was numb and tasteless.  It had a slight tingling sensation similar to that of when I had the shot in my gums.  The area around my impacted wisdom tooth was also swollen.  I've had two doctors tell me the tooth and the Bell's is not related but I'm not convinced.  I see an ENT Dr and an oral surgeon in the next few weeks.  It makes sense to me if the root of my tooth hits the nerve in my lower jaw.  I can see that causing swelling of the facial nerve. 

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