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Was wondering if anyone else has experienced a constant salty taste in their mouths and if so how long did it last?

I've had it for two weeks constantly now (10 weeks into BP),  even my saliva tastes of salt,  it's not just when I eat.  Yuck! My doctor said it could be a good sign that my taste buds are returning,  or it could be some poor 'rewiring' and it's permanent (which doesn't help!!).


I had that strange salty taste in my mouth at about 4.5 months. It lasted about 3 weeks and was very unpleasant. When I ate everything tasted bitter on top of it. I thought it was the taste sensation returning, but now at 5.5 months the salty taste has passed but my sense of taste has only slightly returned at the front of the tongue.
Go figure!


A salty/metallic taste was my first BP symptom, preceding any facial paralysis.

For me it was also the first symptom to stop, which occurred after a week.

Based on what you are saying, my experience was therefore very different in phasing and duration from yours.


I too have this salty taste in my mouth.  Taste impairment and a rotten taste in my mouth were one of my first BP symptoms.  I am at 4 months now and the strange thing is my taste returned in full quite a while ago (at about 2 months or even 1.5) so why the salty taste now???  The salty taste started a few days ago.  It doesn't affect the taste of my food but is always there when I am not eating.  Sooo weird.  I am also salivating much more on that side of my mouth (the BP side), which is also strange since my dry mouth cleared up around a month ago...  WEIRD!

I really hope this isn't cross-wiring of the nerves and that it clears up soon!

I have only been suffering with BP since 7 Feb.  On reflection I had noticed a salty taste when I brushed my teeth, but only on the left side of my tongue (the BP side).  The next symptom was loss of taste the day before the BP was evident.  Ten days on and I no longer have a salty taste but food is still pretty bland.


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